Ats#Pets, Bagpipers

The Kings of Estonian Bagpipe Electro

ATS#PETS - The Bagpipers

For the first time in Europe, the rulers of mainstream Estonian bagpipe-electro, Ats#Pets, with their “In the Pipeline” tour to celebrate their country’s 100th anniversary!

At home, Ats#Pets are superstars. In addition to domesticating mammoths, their hypnotic rhythms have helped Estonians battle plague, hunger, Soviet rule, and being shy. They played a central role in helping Estonia gain independence twice (but not in losing it that one time) and in exporting bagpipe-electro to Scotland.

About the #, it’s not just a common hashtag – it’s a special hashtag, going all the way back to the founding of the band. They’re actual jail bars, a symbol of rebellion, and opposing foreign rulers.

The legendary Ats#Pets – soon on your house or Facebook wall!


Pets with his family and Ats (aka Rasva Juri) jamming at Soonda village in 1913. Photos by Johannes Pääsuke. Estonian National Museum (Eesti Rahva Muuseum), Photo Collection.

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