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Art and loathing within oasis of imaginary.

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Berlin is done with walls, but remnants of these viscous historical events are there, branching in to enormous cultural jungle where the wall is just like a seed preceding a forest. Now it attracts the masters of symbolical mind — the artists — from all over the world, considered being a capital of urban art in all Europe. Every corner here is personalized, shining with identity and detail, every person here is peculiar, radiating with uniqueness and openness towards the world. Berlin is a jungle in it’s most literal sense, the only difference from Amazon is the shape of it, but fractal nature and overwhelming wilderness is the same. Just one feature is the other way around: jungle mainly consists of chaos with only some safety oases where you can get a gulp of fresh water, while Berlin is mostly shaped in orderly manner with corners and hallways scattered around the urban landscape, filled of artistic chaos, where walls act as huge canvases for the dreamlike nature of human thought.