Follow the story of a mysterious quest around the Europe

Copenhagen, a city for humans and rain

Unlike huge American highway-megalopolis, or gray and dehumanized block house neighborhoods in post-soviet towns, Copenhagen is outstandingly human wherever you go. City is designed for people, not for cars or industrial production. Here Jane Jacob’s “sidewalk ballet” idea is fully fulfilled...

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Berlin #2 — The temple

Art. It is able to radiate with light within seemingly endless darkness, shining via multiple layers of symbols and metaphors. As David Walsh noticed, “Art has established itself as an authority answerable to no one but itself”. “Culture is, like cult, a revelation. Artists are its seekers.”, but what does one need to succeed in this pursuit?

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Berlin #1 — Estonians in the jungle

Berlin is done with walls now, but remnants of these viscous historical events are there, being seeds for a complex cultural forest to grow. Even though its facade is clean and systematized, within lanes and alleys lies pockets of creativity. Berlin is a jungle in it’s most literal sense, the only difference from Amazon is the shape of it, but fractal nature and overwhelming wilderness is the same.

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Deep within Helsinkinian utopia

Technocrats strongly believe in the power of computation, and once they get their hands on city planning, neighborhoods like Pasila in Helsinki emerge. Pasila has a different face, even though Helsinki, with huge concentration of cultural entrepreneurs, is being considered as one of the most creative places in whole Europe.

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Time, Rome, crime and Estonians

What is time? Is it an actual part of objective reality, or is it just one grand illusion in which we are participating? And if the former claim is right, then can you twist it in some way to reach back to your ancestors, or would it be considered as breaking the laws of universe? We, being humans, perhaps are creatures of a too primitive design to answer these questions, but nobody stops you from asking them.

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The (in)famous Brussels

This is THE capital. A center of all the major European political power. A home to the most important politicians of the old continent, a place where magnificent glass structures are watchfully observing the unity of countries. Brussels is famous for being the place for piles of papers, hours of phone calls and weeks of discussions… But is it?

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First contact: Tallinn

Unlike all the usual big stories, which begin somewhere small, this one makes its first heavy step in Tallinn — a large metropolitan city of Estonia, the capital of these peculiarly smart mystical creatures called Estonians. The city is famous for a number of traits: its decorative history of medieval times, featuring a unique old town surrounded in citadel fortifications...

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Manifesting the Immaterial

Had you ever thought what actually the wind is? You can’t touch it, you can’t smell it, you can’t even see it, so how do you describe it? Gazing at a windy landscape provides a rather curious insight — wind is not something physical, by looking at it from far you don’t feel any physical sensation...

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Tartu — for one night only

A calm evening in a second largest, but still a rather tiny city of Estonia. People are celebrating Easter evening, but mysterious EvL doesn’t sleep. His ghostly senses detect an old Estonian, communicating with him via telepathic channel by altering the continuum of space-time...

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