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The capital of Europe is not as boring as you might imagine

This is THE capital. A center of all the major European political power. A home to the most important politicians of the old continent, a place where magnificent glass structures are watchfully observing the unity of countries. Decisions which are being made here cascade in a chain reaction through millions of people, they affect both kids and their parents, both their bosses and presidents of their countries. Brussels is famous for being the place for piles of papers, hours of phone calls and weeks of discussions… But is it?

This time Lembit, the monarch of the Empire of Estonian stones, rocks and boulders, said that his subjects have something to deliver for those in the big office. In times like these, any advice is crucial, therefore The Council trusted in Edward’s medium-like abilities to communicate with elders via time portals, and accepted him as a guest. Even though his skills might have been formed during psychotronic Nazi experiments, and he might be still radiating with health threatening levels of radiation, the power Edward possesses is too great to be dismissed.

And so here he is, floating together with the clouds above a cozy Brussels’ cityscape, where tiny and diverse streets invite for a walk, where narrow roads and green avenues dominate the landscape, where oddly scattered skyscrapers rise above the concrete jungle in random places instead of being concentrated in a single area.