Call of Duty Mobile Best Guns : Top COD Mobile Weapons to Use

call of duty mobile best guns

Call of Duty Mobile Best Guns

Call of Duty is one of the popular games introduces by Tencent and Activision. Currently, the game has immense popularity because of its gameplay and its weapons.

At present 24 weapons are available in the gameplay. You must have to choose the best weapons for your play to win and for that, you must have the knowledge of it and especially for selecting the call of duty mobile best guns.

Call of duty is a fantastic game that allows you to play iconic maps and models anytime, anywhere. The game is free to play, and you can play this in console-quality HD gaming on your mobile with customizable controls, voice and text chats and exciting sound and graphics.

The most of the game you play is on maps and with the characters and weapons. As it is a first-person shooter game so it is expected to have various weapons and you have to choose the best one that suits your gameplay.

You have to level up the weapons and also have to attach different parts to them. As you level up in the game, you will unlock the five different categories of guns.

In this article, we are providing you with the list of COD mobile best guns because the game is all about the assault rifles and snipers and call of duty mobile weapons.

But let me clear one thing here that the call of duty mobile best guns from every category depends on your playstyle because once you start the levelling up in the game, you will start to get better guns. Hence the list provided here is based on its popularity and stats.

List of the Call of Duty Mobile Top Guns

Best Guns From Assault Rifle Category

1. AK-47(Level 23)

AK-47 is one of the best guns in call of duty mobile for the medium-range battles because it has damage of 70 and 55 as its fire rate. Hence this gun has placed on the first rank under the assault rifles category. If any player can master AK-47 recoil, it is OP. you can get this gun on 23rd level.

2. M4 (Level 2):

This is the gun which you can get on 1st level and believe me it is one of the best assault rifles in COD mobile. The fully updated stats for damage are 50 with the fire rate of 60. If you are a beginner and you want a stable gun, then M4 will be one of the COD mobile best guns. This is the COD gun that can be used in every battle royal game.

3. M16 (Level 46)

M16 is the ubiquitous gun and has been introduced in many shooting games before COD. This is one of the best assault rifles in COD mobile because it can fire bullets on burst and single-mode. This guns hold the high stats and fair accuracy rate and will be the right choice who wants to take a well-rounded approach.

If you want to play call of duty mobile on pc then you can use this guide to use call of duty mobile emulator to play cod mobile on PC

4. BK57

BK57 is one more call of duty mobile top guns. It has damage of 48, which is much lesser than AK-47, accuracy is 65, and the range is 50. It has a higher fire rate of 63 and mobility of 60.

Best Guns From Sniper Rifle Category

1. DL Q33 (Level 1)

DL Q33 is one of the best sniper rifles in COD mobile that has the highest accuracy of 90 and is known as the powerful long-range weapon of call of duty mobile. This is the first sniper rifle that you are going to unseal in this game. This rifle is excellent in mobility and damage. This sniper rifle has the fire rate of 15, and this is the only downside of this gun.

2. M21 EBR

This is one of the best call of duty mobile guns with the perfect accuracy and range at the cost of fire rate 35. This weapon is too OP as it has been tested throughout the gameplay. The single shot of this sniper rifle can destroy your enemy if the bullet from this rifles hit the head and it fires a double shot if it hits to the vest.

You can fire much faster with this sniper rifle. The only disadvantage of this rifle is that it has only 15 fire rate.

3. XPR-50

XPR-50 is one of the call of duty mobile best guns. It has got the better of fire rate as of now it has 40 fire rate but deals with the few damages with a damage rate of 80. Hence, many times if you want to destroy the enemy, then you have to fire double shots.

We can say that the XPR-50 will be the best sniper rifle for moderate damages.

Best Guns From SMG Rifle Category

1. MSMC (Level 33)

Even though you will get this gun on 33rd level then also I included this in the list. If you ever played PUBG, then you can compare this COD mobile best guns with UZI of PUBG. MSMC has excellent damage and fire rate that makes it dangerous for the close-range fights.

It has on 30 range, so it has an awful performance in the mid and long-range.

2. AKS- 74U (Level 7)

The features like powerfulness and stability that makes it one of the best guns in call of duty mobile. This gun belongs to AK family, and you can unlock this gun at 8th level in this game. The damage and fire rate of AKS-74U is 80 and 60, respectively.

This is one of the COD mobile best guns because it provides you with the top-level accuracy and mobility for the mid-range combat. It’s impressive spraying skills makes it one of the best SMG rifle.

3. Chicom (Level 72)

Chicom is one of the best guns one should have in COD as it has all the stats that are required for SMG rifle category in spite of having low range.

4. PDW-57

A huge magazine and extended barrel, stock and vertical foregrip and zero recoils are the features that make this one of the call of duty mobile best guns.

It has become the tremendous mid-range weapon with damage of 90, fire range of 50, the accuracy of 40, mobility 75 and range of 25.

Best Guns From LMG Category

COD mobile guns from LMG category can slow down the player’s sprint speed, but because of stable recoil and huge magazine, they became the favourite call of duty mobile weapons for all the players.

1. RPD

This gun is considered as one of the call of duty mobile best guns for the lower level players due to its damage of 65, and it also has a fire rate of 65. It has less accuracy in compare to M4LMG.

2. M4LMG

As the name gives us hint that this is the M4 upgraded gun, including LMG capabilities. You don’t have to reload this LMG gun because it has a large magazine that can load 95 bullets at the single time.

The statistics of the gun makes it a favourite gun for all the mid-range players as it has damage of 60 and fire rate of 55.

3. UL736 (Level 108):

UL736 has similar statistics as S36 have but what makes it different is that the statistics of this will be increased when you team up with correct attachments and this quality makes this one of the call of duty mobile best guns.

UL736 is one of the powerful guns in call of duty mobile with damage of 70, fire rate 60, Accuracy 45, Range 55 and Mobility 40.

4. S36

This is another powerful COD mobile gun under this category. You can get this gun on a very advanced level which is supported by excellent range and stability. It deals with significant damage. It has damage of 75, fire rate is 60, Accuracy 45, Range 55 and mobility is 40.

Best Guns from Shotgun Category

1. Striker

Striker is one of the excellent shotgun from the call of duty because you can fire two times before anything comes in between of you and your target. This is a big thing for the enemies that may not go on knees in a single hit.

It has been upgraded with the fast magazine, laser sight and long barrels. It has great damage of 70, fire rate of 35, the extraordinary accuracy of 85, range of 30, and mobility of 75.

2. HS2126

If you want a shotgun for the close ranges, then HS2126 is the excellent shotgun. This is the deadliest shotgun in overall game because it has burst fire mode and a large drum magazine. It is the perfect guns for the call of duty mobile with damage of 75, Fire rate of 45, the accuracy of 70, Range of 50 and Mobility of 80.

3. BY15 (Level 15):

If you are a fan of shotguns then BY 15 will never disappoint you. BY15 is most suitable for the close encounters by the long barrel, laser sight and extended magazines.

Which Are The Best Pistols in COD?

There are two pistols in COD, i.e. MW11 and J358 that are excellent to use in daily loadouts.

1. MW11

MW11 pistol is for all those players who don’t trust themselves for consistent hit shots. It has a higher fire rate of 40 permits you to fire more rounds. It has damage of 65, the accuracy of 55, range of 20, and mobility of 90.

2. J358

J358 is the gun for the player who believes themselves and is confident about their goal because it has deficient fire range of 15 so you must be able to destroy the enemy before they eliminate you from the game.

It has damage rate of 80, the accuracy of 70, range of 35 and mobility of 90.


I hope you all have enjoyed the article. If you know any other call of duty mobile best guns and want us to add in our article, then your thoughts are always welcomed.

Stay connected for more details. Till then, Good Bye!

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