Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support : Everything You Need to Know

call of duty mobile controller support

The game world is enormous, and every day the new games have been introduced to the game lovers, and Call of duty mobile is one of them. It has been crossed 100 million downloads in a week since it’s launched and took the world of gaming by storm.

You might have struck the question i.e., does call of duty mobile have controller support? The answer to it is YES. At the time of launching the game, Call of duty controller support was present in it, and later, it has been removed from the game.

As we know that the Call of duty has been on computer systems prior to its mobile version and is a console game, so it is but natural that the players of the new mobile version for the Call of duty are console players. Call of duty is an FPS game, and playing the game with touch-based controls is a bit challenging.

Here in this article, you will get everything you like to know about the Call of duty mobile controller support.

What Is The Call Of Duty Mobile Controller Support?

Call of duty is a multiplayer first-person shooter game, and playing it on mobile is one of the challenging jobs. Sufficient real estate is required to see all the gaming options. The real battles are the balancing act so that, to combat that, the Call of duty mobile controller support has two various control modes i.e., simple and advance mode.

In simple mode, the player’s gun will cause automatic fires the shot once you point the gun on the target, it seems natural to play mode, but actually, it is not because the perfection in firing the bullets goes out of the window.

In advance mode, the developers have taken all the care of your control requirements and keep them movable, and this mode will give you console feeling experience.

Did Game Developers Remove Controller Support After Being Launched With COD Mobile?

The player can enjoy Call of duty mobile controller support only in the beta version of the game as the Activision has removed it from the full game version.

Many of the players are disappointed with this decision of the developers, but they have given the reason to fix the server issues of the Call of duty mobile support controllers.

What Is The Current Status Of Controller Support In COD Mobile?

Presently, the Activision has considering the fans request for adding Call of duty mobile controller support to the game and also gives hopes to all the fans to give the Call of duty mobile controller support for iOS and Android.

So you all can keep hoping for the best for your gaming experience.

Will They Introduce Controller Support In COD Mobile Again?

Recently, Tencent and Activision have made an announcement and says “hang tight,” about the Call of duty mobile support controller, and they have given hopes to add this feature very soon for everyone.

The developers have said that currently, the calls of duty mobile development team members are testing the controller support, and there is a possibility of introducing this feature in the game in the coming future.

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But, before they launch this feature for everyone, they want to make sure that the function should be correctly executed and balanced.

In the recent interaction with HYPERBEAST, the VP of Activision Mr. Chris Plummer has given information that the company is looking for executing the matchmaking system that would pit players utilize controllers against other users of controllers.

This is the test through which the team is going currently before the execution of this feature on the live servers.

But, the Activision has not announced the actual date for the release of Call of duty mobile controller support feature.

Well, friends, I am also waiting for the launching of Call of duty mobile controller support like you all and also hoping for the best to happen.

Stay tuned with us for more updates. Share your thoughts about this article in the below comment box. Till then, best of luck, all the game lovers!

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