Call of Duty Mobile Requirements

call of duty mobile minimum requirements

Call of duty is one of the popular games from Tencent and Activision, and according to the latest announcement, the game developers are going to release the mobile version for the call of duty game.


It is free to play game, so no doubt that every game lover would like to give it a try, but what may prevent the players from downloading the game is the call of duty mobile requirements to play the game on mobile.


But as per the game’s FAQ, there are few particular COD mobile requirements that are there to play the game smoothly. If you are looking for call of duty mobile hack or cheats then check out our post on it.


All the players who want to download this anticipated mobile game have to fulfill the basic call of duty mobile system requirements.


Here in this article, we are covering all the call of duty mobile minimum device requirements as well as the list of some Apple iPhones and iPads that are not able to run the game by any means.


Call of Duty Mobile Requirements

1. Android


This is the essential COD mobile requirement that everyone should have Android phones with 2GB RAM to run this game, and you must have an Android version Lollipop(5.1) or above.


The game is able to run in the average setting at 30FPS. If you want to get the best results, then have a more current chipset.


2. iOS


If you want to play the COD on iOS, then the COD mobile requirement is iOS 9, or higher versions are able to run the game.


On the other hand, there are some apple devices that cannot able to run the game are iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 S, iPad Air, and iPad Touch.


Above mentioned is the call of duty mobile minimum device requirements to run the game smoothly and will give you a thrilling experience than ever before.


Even if we considered that the game is the result of the collaboration of Tencent and Activision, who have also designed games like PUBG. 


We are expecting the game developers to present the lighter version of this game so that the players can play the efficient game in minimum COD mobile specifications required.

Whoever hasn’t got a chance to play a COD due to call of duty mobile requirements, they can also enjoy the game as everyone is in search of best free to play online multiplayer First-person shooter game.


As the game is primarily designed for the computer, so it also has multiple other game modes to play, including battle royale mode.


Final Verdict


I hope you all have enjoyed the article and also got the knowledge about the call of duty mobile requirements to play the game.


If you have any other information related to our article, then please don’t forget to share because you suggestions and thoughts inspire us to provide you more and more information to you all.


Stay connected for more details because there is a lot more stuff to come. Till then, enjoy gaming!

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