Where to Find Glamm Magazine in Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game?

glamm magazine kim kardashian hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is the game developed and published by Glu games. If you are really willing to experience the red carpet adventure, then you must join the Kim Kardashian:

Hollywood game where you can create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune.

At present, there are 13 locations in this game. Recently the game has added London in the list.

As the list of locations is big, so the player always wants to know where is the glamm magazine in KK game.

Every 13 locations in the game have up to 3 buildings to visit. Generally, these buildings are the amalgamation of houses, restaurants, and magazines for sale purposes.

With the above amalgamation, you are able to visit the 40 various businesses in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game.

The game is loaded with multiple locations, so if you want to search for the location of the photoshoot, then it is impossible without a map.

For instance, without map how will you get to know that where is the glam magazine located in Kim Kardashian Hollywood game or where you will get muse magazine Kim Kardashian Hollywood and many other locations like this

You can guess the city of places like La Rue or EI Canario because they are in Paris, France & Punta Mita, respectively. But how will you know where is the glamm magazine in KK game located?

If you are also searching the answer to this question, then you have landed on the correct page. Yes, here we are providing you with the detailed step by step guide to find out the glamm magazine Kim K.

The location of the glamm magazine remains an eternal mystery, and the players will find it challenging to locate where is the glamm magazine in the KK game.

Well, I must tell you all that finding a glamm magazine in Kim K game is not as difficult as you are thinking. This guide will definitely help you to find the glamm magazine in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game.

Step-by-Step Guide to find the Glamm Magazine in Kim K Hollywood Game

  1. Download the game from Google Play Store.
  2. As soon as you reach the 9th level, you will get a call from Chateau Nuit night club manager, Mr. Marshall Ripley.
  3. You have to shoot some pictures for the advertising purpose of night club once you get the call from Simon. You will get Simon’s call after waiting for 6 hours. You can spend 12 stars if you want an immediate call from Simon and begin the shoot.
  4. Once you finish the shoot, you can travel to Las Vegas and swing all the ways till the time you get the Glamm Magazine building. You have to tap the Star icon for entering into the building.

You all might understand that glamm magazine is locates in Las Vegas. Finish the photoshoot there and take the exit from the studio.

Where is Muse Magazine in Kim Kardashian Hollywood?

You have to take a flight and fly to SoHo, New York City, where you will find the Muse Magazine building where your photoshoot with Elizabeth Korkov and clear some of the appearance of Simon has been scheduled.

With this, you are ready to go and find your way to Muse magazine and can enjoy the celebrity lifestyle.

I hope you all have enjoyed the guide to locate the glamm magazine in Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. Stay tuned for more details. Till then, enjoy gaming!

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