Lembit, King of the Hill

The Secrets Stored in Rocks

LEMBIT - King of the Hill


He is the king of all Estonian rocks. He's nearing 100, but compared to his subjects, he's still quite young. To feel young, he likes to chat with old rocks, because everyone knows that chatting with new rocks makes you feel old.

Lembit has immense respect for all rocks, and he knows each by name. His best friend, a boulder named Ragnar, is from Scandinavia. Lembit could easily speak the common tongues of rocks with Ragnar, but both prefer to converse in Granite, a dialect that could soon be extinct.

Whenever Lembit gets bored, he sits on a sleeping rock and gently nudges it with his foot. Then they chat for hours. Mostly about how rocks have all the time in the world, but Lembit doesn't. He's almost 100, after all.

Lembit, then aged 92, captured by Evald Allas in 1895. Estonian National Museum (Eesti Rahva Muuseum), Photo Collection.

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