Mario Kart Tour Best Tracks for Coins : Quickest Way to Get 30+ Coins in a Single Race

mario kart tour best tracks

Mario Kart tour is one of the fantastic games from the Mario Kart series introduced by Nintendo. Mario Kart tour has some of the tracks from the previous installment of Mario kart games.

The Mario Kart tour best tracks for coins plays the vital role in earning lots of coins because coins are essential for purchasing drivers, gliders, and many other things in this game.

If you have an adequate number of coins in your game account, then you can purchase the item according to your game needs.

Presently there are 24 tracks available in the Mario Kart Tour, and selecting the superior from these for earning coins is a challenging job. Here in this article, we are helping you out to grab the maximum coins by listing out the quick ways to get coins in the Mario Kart Tour game.

So without further ado, we will list out the Mario Kart Tour best tracks for coins that help you to get more and more coins to make your gaming experience thrilling and adventurous.

List of the Mario Kart Tour Best Tracks for Coins

1. Yoshi’s Circuit

Yoshi’s Circuit is the Mario Kart Tour best track for coins. While playing the 50CC race, you will be on this track, and you can easily up to 60 coins. You can earn 20 to 22 coins per lap.

2. Mario Circuit 3

Mario Circuit 3 track is the tracks with lots of turns and twists. This track is long and symmetrical. The pipes and oil slicks are only the hurdles in your racing. If you have a vacation peach mode on this track, then it will be like a cherry on the cake. This track has sharp turns, so you have to finish it by making the speed of the cart slow. You can earn 30+ coins on this track if you know how to utilize the mushroom and star on this track.

3. Mario Circuit 1

You can find this track during the New York tour. Mario Circuit 1 is the very first track that has been launched in the Mari kart series of the game, and it reappears in the Mario Circuit tour.

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If you are a beginner of the game, then playing on this track is very easy because it doesn’t have any hurdles, so the players can easily win the race on this track. You can earn 21 coins per lap on this track. It means you can earn 63 coins in the overall race.

4. Shy Guy Bazaar

While racing in New York City, you can find the shy guy bazaar track, which is the quick way to get coins in the Mario kart tour. Shy Guy Bazaar is the second last track from the New York tour.

You will begin the ride from outside the bazaar, and via bridge, you will make an entry on this shy guy bazaar track. You can grab 19 to 21 coins per lap, but again it depends on how much coins are obtaining in the gliding areas.

5. Dino Dino Jungle

Dino Dino Jungle is the track that has been designed in a prehistoric jungle. This track contains some of the challenging turns. You can also find the presence of the fluttering Pterosaurs, and one of the main features of this track is the blue dinosaurs.

You must keep yourself safe from these blue dinosaurs because they try to destroy you. This track also has water geysers so that you kart will be launched at the sky. You can earn 30+ coins on this track.

Final Words

Here we are wrapping up the list of the Mario Kart Tour best tracks for coins. You can play on this track and grab the coins so that you will never run out of the coins as they are the primary currency in this game.

I hope you all have enjoyed this information. Go through the details and share your gaming experience in the below comment box.

If you know any other tracks that can help you to earn more than 30+ coins and you want us to mention in this article, then please share that with us.

Stay tuned for more information. Till then enjoy Gaming!

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