Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass : Detailed Analysis & FAQ

mario kart tour gold pass

Mario kart is the much-loved game all over the world, and people are fond of the benefits of Mario Kart Gold Pass.

Well, here we are giving the answers to all the questions in your mind regarding Mario kart tour gold pass, so go through the article and enjoy the Mario cart tour.

What is Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass and how it works?

Mario Kart tour gold pass is one of the paid services offered by the game. Gold pass permits you to grab some in-game advantages by paying a certain amount of money every month.

Purchasing the gold card means that you can participate in the 200 cc race and also able to participate in the gold challenge for earning badges.

Mario Kart Tour FAQ’s

What is the Price and process of buying a Gold Pass?

You will be charged $4.99 for a monthly subscription, and if you want to buy the gold card, then you have finish all the races in the first cup i.e., 50 cc races.

The gold pass is the only way to participate in 200 CC races, so those players who are willing to participate in gold challenges they can purchase it by paying the prescribed amount.

Is it worth buying a Mario Kart tour gold pass?

Yes, it is worth purchasing the gold pass because you can take part in 200 CC racing and also earn some gold gifts by participating in the gold events.

How to Get Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass Free Trial

Once you finish all the races in the first cup, you will automatically get permission for subscribing to the Gold pass free trial.

The amount of subscription will be started only after your free trial. You can see the gold pass banner on the top of the menu; just click that, then it will ask for the payment option. Then select the payment method once you finish this process, then you will be eligible to use the Mario kart tour gold pass.

What If My Two-Week Free Trial Of Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass Ends?

At the time your gold pass free trial ends, you will be charged for continuing the use of the subscription. If you do not want to pay the amount and just want to enjoy the free trial for extra rewards, then you must cancel the automatic renewal 24 or more hours before your trial period ends.

How Can I Cancel My Automatic Renewal of Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass?

Follow the simple steps to cancel the automatic renewal:

  • Tap on the play store icon on your device.
  • Then tap on the menu icon on the play store the tap on a subscription tab.
  • After this tap on the Mario cart subscription screen.
  • Then manage subscription screen will be opened, tap on the cancel subscription tab.

Note: if you have a subscription for 1 month and if you cancel the subscription within that 1 month, then no amount will be refunded, so always keep in mind to disable the auto-renewal function.

Can I Transfer The Gold Pass Benefits If I Switch To A New Device?

If you have a new device with the same OS as your previous device, then you can transfer the benefits of the gold card to your new device. Follow the given simple steps for it.

  • Install the Mario Kart Tour game on your new device and link your previous device’s Nintendo account linked to your Google Account, which you use in the prior device.
  • Now go to the gold pass purchase screen & tap on the purchase tab. By doing this will allow you to shift all the benefits of Mario Kart Tour gold pass to your new device.

What If The OS Is Different From The Previous Device?

If you purchase the duplicate gold card on the different operating system device, then the game will not revert the benefits of the old gold pass or subscription validity so, always cancel the first subscription & then purchase 2nd one.

How Can I Check The Subscription Status Of My Gold Pass?

Follow the simple steps to check the subscription details of your Mario kart gold pass?

  • Go to the play store
  • Tap on the menu icon the tap subscription tab.
  • By tapping on the Mario cart tour, you can check the status of your subscription.

What If I Delete All The Mario Cart Data And Start The Game From The Beginning? May I Able To Take Advantage Of The Gold Pass?

If you delete all the Mario kart tour saved data by tapping on the start option, then also you are eligible to take benefits of the gold pass from the Google account that you utilized for purchasing the gold pass.

Tap on the gold pass purchase tab from the gold pass screen and continue with the benefits of the gold pass without paying any additional charges.

Can I Use The Items And Benefits If My Gold Pass Expires?

You will not be able to use the benefits of the gold pass if it expires. But, you can able to use the items you got when your pass was active.

How Does An Auto-Renewal For Gold Pass Works?

The auto-renewal option is one of the convenient solutions for all the players who don’t want any interruption between the gold pass benefits like 200 CC racing and gold rewards.

Auto-renewal allows you to keep enjoying the gold pass service by automatically renewing your gold pass subscription every month when the previous month’s validity period ends.

Final Verdict

Overall I can say that purchasing the gold pass will definitely enhance the gaming experience and also help you to grab excellent gold rewards.

While purchasing the gold pass, you must keep in mind that the trial period is only one time per Nintendo account. So if the same id is using by multiple members, then it is not possible.

Share your thoughts and gaming experience by subscribing to gold pass. Stay tuned for more details. Till then, enjoy gaming!

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