Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats Hack : Get Free Crystals

marvel contest of champions hack

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel contest of champions is another game of Marvel series characters created by Kabak. The game is a real RPG that allures your fascination on Marvel comic characters. However, unlike other RPG, the gameplay is smooth and enjoyable if you know some primary Marvel contest of champions cheats.


Getting premium currency and crystals are the prime search of any gamer here, and we provide the best tips to get these crystals.

How To Hack Marvel Contest of Champions : Legit Tricks Explained

1. Win Crystals Every Day

Daily login Bonus is an excellent Marvel contest of champions hack to get free crystals in the game. Every day you will get some awesome prizes for becoming a consistent player.

Following are some daily prize bonus that you get:

  • Day 1: 25 hero crystals
  • Day 1: 50 hero crystals
  • Day 1: 100 hero crystals
  • Day 1: 175 hero crystals
  • Day 1: 275 hero crystals
  • Day 1: 375 hero crystals
  • Day 1: 1000 hero crystals

The best part of these prizes come on every seventh day. You can win one epic or a legendary hero on every seventh day.

You must play daily to get these rewards, but if you miss one day, you go back to day 1.

2. Win Special Event Prizes:

Special events are an excellent Marvel contest of champions hack to get five-star heroes. These events are arranged on special days like Christmas, and if you are playing more on these days, you will get a five-star hero as free. But if you are playing through Marvel contest of champions hack apk files, you will miss these rewards.


3. Joining Bonus:

As you start the game, you will encounter your first tutorial trial. On successful completion of the tutorial, you will receive a hefty bonus of 50 Units that will enable you to make your first summon. With this bonus crystal, you will be able to make another summon. So for joining the game, you can get two summons and heroes are obtained.

4. Leveling Up Your Heroes:

Another excellent Marvel contest of champions hack of the game is to use XPs to level up your heroes. You can obtain XP from each fight you encounter. These are an essential part as soon after you start the game, you will understand that the game is not a tough one if you possess a higher tier hero. At the initial stage, acquiring these higher tier hero is difficult. But what you can do is to level up tor Summoner to continue the winning. Gold and ISO-8 combination with the catalyst can give your heroes that boost.

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Best of Marvel contest of champions cheats to upgrade your champions is to use smart select. It will automatically choose Iso crystals which are best for your hero upgrade.

5. Quests Are the Best Reward to Get Crystals.

Marvel gameplay is straightforward, and you can choose the reward before you start any quest. After you complete the quest chapter successfully, you get these crystals as rewards.

The best Marvel contest of champions cheats iPhone in here is to select reward according to your requirement of hero. Any random reward merely increases duplication. But when you can choose champions crystals from Guardians, Avengers and X-men, you get the best according to your requirement.

There are multiple levels of quests that you can play in the game and here are the details:

  • Story Quests
  • Event Quests
  • PvP
  • Infinity Dungeons
  • Alliance mode.

6. Free Crystals

One random crystal is awarded in the game in every four hours. These random marvel contest of champions cheats iPhone contains consumable and gold. You can use these to fill your energy bar.

7. Daily Crystal

Daily you will get one crystal from Kabam for free. These are a fantastic Marvel contest of champions hack to get three-star heroes. At the initial stage, these three-star heroes can enhance your hero roaster with multiple options. You can choose from these heroes in various quests according to elemental privilege.


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8. Create a Kabam Account

Creating a new account in Kabam is an excellent Marvel contest of champions hack to get a special one-time bonus in the game. It will also protect your game data. As you complete the account creation, you are rewarded with premium hero crystal. Each premium hero crystal guarantees a two-star hero with a 20% chance to get a three-star hero and 3% chance to get a four-star hero.

Do not miss this opportunity at the beginning as you will be striving to get one legendary hero then. We also suggest you stay away from all kind of Marvel contest of champions mod apk. If you do so, Kabak may seize your account as well. Also, you cannot get this reward.

9. Take Class Advantage in a Fight

In the game, the class advantage mechanism can be an obvious benefit.

  • Cosmic heroes are higher than Skill heroes
  • Skill heroes are higher than Tech heroes
  • Tech heroes are higher than Mutant heroes
  • Mutant heroes are higher than Science heroes
  • Science heroes are higher than Mystic heroes
  • Mystic heroes are higher than Cosmic heroes

At the initial stage, you will face hard to use it since you might not have one hero of each class ability. But once you get them of a desirable amount, you can use the above advantages against your opponents. Before going to matches, you must check the ability of your opponent hero and can swap your choices accordingly.

10. Know The Basics of Combat

The game offers an excellent tutorial to play the game and know the attacks. Once you master the skills, it will increase your ability to create a combo attack. Combos can create a difference in the fight you make.

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The game is not a button-mashing, and you need to use a defence mechanism as well. Also, you have to be familiar with the abilities of the opponents.

11. Grinding is the Best Key to Level Up

At the initial stage, you will face a hard time playing the game. So fast levelling up is a prominent key to reach up to a comfortable way of playing the game. As you reach level 4, you get various options, and the best of them are grinding your previous levels. Our Marvel Contest of champions cheats in this point is to make the best use of Quest 4 of Chapter 1. It is the best level that gives you maximum XP points in the game.  You need not use any Marvel contest of champions mod apk to get them.

12. XP Boosts

XP boosts are useful Marvel contest of champions hack tool to get a level up bonus in the game. It will give you a 40% additional bonus experience points when you complete missions or any activity. XP boosts are best Marvel contest of champions cheats to use in the PvP matches as you can get additional benefit from it. In the hero selection tab, you can press the green button to use the desired XP boost.

Cards are required to get the various XP boosts, and that can be acquired through the grinding of your previous levels.

13. Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance opens up alliance quests for you. You need to reach a certain level and find out an active player group. You can also create your alliance, but that requires you to spend.

Alliance quests are a worthy step to get additional rewards and play these quests. You can level up faster through the rewards you get.


14. Do Not Sell Your Heroes:

Many players are against this tip, but it is to be followed unled you have a decent amount of 5-star heroes. You must also focus that your heroes do not die in the matches. Reviving your heroes through the use of potion is possible in the game.

But our Marvel contest of champions cheats is easy. Check your hero stat before the match if you are confident that they can end up using your potions in the next level. Frequent use of potion in PvP and missions can give you the primary advantage.

15. Save Your Units

You must not spend Units after your premium or legendary hero crystals. It is quite tempting to spend your unit to buy these crystals. But you must know the Marvel contest of champions hack that there is no specific Marvel contest of champions cheats to get any particular 5-star heroes. Units spent after the Summon might result in duplicate hero generation.

Final Tip

Here we reveal the most essential of all Marvel contest of champions cheats. Follow the official forum of marvel contest of champions to know all about the events and additional tips of the game. The game news is also equally important to understand some advanced info of any upcoming contest.

We also warn you not to play the game through any Marvel contest of champions hack apk file. You cannot update the game or get exclusive rewards by doing this.

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