Miina & Enn: Cyberland

The Darkest Rye Bread Ever & Mishaps in Cyberspace

Miina & Enn: Lost in Cyberspace

Miina was a baker, and so was her husband, Enn. To celebrate their country’s 100th anniversary, they decided to bring a gift to Brussels, the darkest rye bread ever!

 Like many people of their time, they had a teleporter out in the barn. Before climbing in, they brushed the flour off their clothes. Those were the entry requirements. Once inside, clutching their bread, they turned it on, and poof! They disappeared in a flash.

Unfortunately there was a technical error in a relay server in London. Miina and Enn found themselves (well, most of themselves) trapped in cyberspace surrounded only by an endless sea of zeros and ones.

After months of negotiating with their host, they finally rematerialised, but on this wall. While they do enjoy floating, they are eagerly awaiting their legs to be returned to them


About to enter the Barn. Photo by Evald Allas. Estonian National Museum (Eesti Rahva Muuseum), Photo Collection.

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