Summoners War Hack Cheats To Earn Free Crystals Legally

summoners war hack

Summoners War Hack

Summoners War is an appealing turn Based Classic RPG that is a favourite genre for all RPG enthusiasts. The game is massive and will engross you with all sort of features available in any RPG game. Gamers are also satisfied with the balanced economy of in-app purchase and multiple reward system.


You can comfortably play the game without spending money if you know all the aspects. Unless you know them, you might miss a lot of rewards.

In this article, we will highlight these Summoners war cheats, which can give you game currency in an auto mode.

Summoners War Cheats to Know the Gameplay

Get familiar with Elements

Before describing the process let us get familiar with the primary elements of the game

Mana Stone

You need mana stone to use magic. There is a mana pond that attracts mana in its water. Visit often to collect mana. Mana is automatically generated in the game, but there are Summoners war cheats to the best use of the pond.

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The maximum number that can get accumulated is 2000. So you must collect from the mana pond these stones so that no time is wasted when mana generation stops.


Summon Henge is the place where summons calls all the monsters. You can use various summoning scroll and mana stones to summon new monsters.

Unknown Scroll

Unknown Scroll uses 300 mana stone and gives you one random monster. You can get unknown Scroll in various rewards of scenario battles.

Mystical Scroll

A mystical scroll is more potent than unknown Scroll and has a higher ability to summon a 1-3 star monster.


Gateway is the place where you can teleport to your battle. Energy is required to make the dimensional movement. But you need not worry that is also generated in Gateway.


You can power up your monster and make them stronger with the use of Runes. There are various runes in the game such as Energy, Fatal, Blade, Swift, Focus, Despair, Guard, Endure, Revenge, Rage, Violent, Will, Nemesis, Shield, Vampire and Destroy.


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Runes can be used to power up your monsters. 6 rune spaces for each monster are presently available. Runes are divided into sets. Best Summoners war hack to get additional rewards is to collect a complete set of Runes and deploy them.

Power up Circle

Monster level up and power up in Power up Circle. It can be brought from the market with 1000 mana stones. Also, every power-up required mana stones and material monster.

Another way to power up is in the battle.

Keep in Mind Critical Attribute Relationship

Critical Attribute relationship is an essential concept that you must know accurately. Every attribute has an elemental advantage and disadvantage and following is the circle of preference:

summoners war


When you attack with an elemental advantage, you get a bonus of 115% in CR & 30% additional critical damage is done.


When you attach with an elemental disadvantage, it can enhance your chance of glancing hit. When you land a glancing hit, it reduces 30% damage, but it is reduced 16% when you land it with elemental disadvantage.

How to Get Energy

Energy is required to play every battle match. As you start the battle, some Energy is reduced from your energy meter.

  • Energy gets recharged with time. However, your energy meter can be filled up to a certain extent. Beyond that, it cannot be used.
  • The game often gifts energy, and you can avail them in your gift box. But there is an excellent Summoners war hack of using the energy gifts that you receive.
  • If you use any energy gift when you have sufficient energy, then it is wasted.
  • You need to be speculative when to use your gift energy so that it refills up to max level.
  • The gifts can stay in your inbox for six days. So when you run out of energy, use them.

All the Exclusive Daily Rewards

New User Exclusive Gift

It’s an excellent Summoners war hack to collect the essential pack for your game. It is nothing but a daily reward which you can collect as you enter the game. The rewards are fabulous and generally contains the following on every week:

  • Day 1, 7, 13, 19, 25: Energy points from 100-200 points
  • Day 2, 8, 14, 20, 26: Mana stone from 50,000 to 200,000
  • Day 3, 9, 15, 21, 27: Unidentified Rune of 5-6 star
  • Day 4, 10, 16, 22, 28: One three or four-star Rainbow Mon or one-star Super Angelmon
  • Day 5, 11, 17, 23, 29: 30-100 Nos Crystals
  • Day 6, 12, 18, 24, 30: Mystical Scroll, 1 set attribute scroll, 100 summoning stone or 1 Legendary Scroll.

Goddess America’s Blessings

It is limited time Summoners war hack, and you must use it now to fill up with the rewards. You get additional daily bonuses through Goddess America’s Blessings. But you will get it if you are playing the game downloaded legally and not any Summoners war hack apk. The awards are the following:


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  • Daily Energy Gift x 50
  • EXP/Mana acquisition up 100%
  • Free Rune Removal
  • Rune power up cost 50% off
  • Make a wish daily in the Temple of Wishes

Celebration Gift

Currently, there is an exclusive Appreciation check-in Gift given a bonus to the above unique daily gift. This gift is provided daily and contains energy, Scroll, Glory Points, or crystals. But if you are playing with Summoners war hack apk, you will miss these rewards.

How to Get Crystals in Summoners War

Crystals are the premium currency of the game which you can buy through in-app purchases. You can get unlimited Crystals by spending real money only. Many sites offer Summoners war mod apk and assure you that you will get crystals for free. Do not get into these fake business.

Instead, here we will deliver you some Summoners war cheats that will give you crystals and following are current list to get them.

Social media connect Bonus

The first Summoners war hack to collect crystal is to connect your account with the social media account. You can connect your account with Facebook or Google Play. You will get 30 Crystals when you join the game with these accounts.

Invitation Bonus

Next Summoners war hack to get the crystal is inviting as many friends as you can. When you are connected with the social media account, you can see the name of your players who are playing the game. When 30-50 players admit your invitation and start playing the game, you get crystals.

Receive Summoners War Unlimited Crystals From the Crystal Structures

Unlike other game, Summoners War has plenty of Summoners war hack that will give you Crystals. Though these crystals are not collected at once, there is recurring production of Crystals which helps you play the game thoroughly and earn Crystals without any hassle.

Crystal Mine

Crystal mine is unlocked in the game when you reach level 10. Summoners war unlimited crystals are generated in this mine continuously, and every 10 hours you can collect one Crystal. Cost of Crystal Mine is 10,000 mana stones.

But there are Summoners war cheats that prevents you from collecting unlimited crystals unless you play regularly. Crystal mine can accumulate a maximum of three Crystals at a time, and you need to obtain them frequently.

You can collect a total of 72 crystals every month of you collect them all. No Summoners war mod apk can give you more than this number.

Crystal Titans

Crystal titan is another gateway of collecting crystal which gives one Crystal every eight hours. But you need to spend initially 300 Crystals to buy this creature.

Maximum 90 crystals you will get through this structure in a month collection.

Farming Crystals

Grinding is another essential Summoners war cheats to earn crystals. As you pass any level, you will get Crystals in some of them. You need to play these levels again and again to get these crystals.

The best Summoners war hack to save time in grinding is to use the auto-battle mode and speed up your battle. When you have upgraded monster, you will win these battles automatically. Only you have to start the fight and collect the rewards.


Curios Dungeon

Various guides highlight curious dungeons for farming runes. But playing curios dungeon matches are another excellent Summoners war cheats to farm crystals. As you play the game and defeat the monsters in this place, you get EXP, Runes and Crystals.


Summoning War Sky Arena is an engaging game and has massive gameplay. The gameplay has plenty of options to collect game currency, and we have highlighted them all. Knowing our above Summoners war cheats, you can start the game with flying colours.

As we find some new update to grind currency, we will update the article. So keep visiting our site to know more Summoners War tips.

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