The famous Estonian capital is the first residence for the King of the Hill Lembit and the married couple Miina & Enn.

Unlike all the usual big stories, which begin somewhere small, this one makes its first heavy step in Tallinn — a cozy metropolitan city of Estonia, the capital of these peculiarly smart mystical creatures called Estonians. The city is famous for a number of traits: its decorative history of medieval times, featuring a unique old town surrounded in citadel fortifications; its long and diverse coastline, being home for both fancy yachts, and abandoned shacks; its prosperous cultural life, with art festivals happening nearly every week. And now Tallinn can rise it’s head for having a new peculiarity: it’s crowned as the first permanent home to transcendental time portals made by Edward von Lõngus. Even though mysterious Edward might not even be an Estonian (or human at all), but his affection towards this tiny Nordic country is undeniable.

And below is a visual flashback for those internetizens, who have already ruined their attention spans so much, that reading a 600 word long blogpost is too difficult :)