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Once there was a stone who had a dream to stand up and venture out to the world, where he could meet new fellow stones, could dance in stone parties and talk in stone discussions. Once there was a bunch of Estonians who had a dream to travel 100 years time, where they could see whether people are still the same, what kind of horses do they ride and whether their bread is just as good as the old one. Once there was an abstract cloud of fog who had a dream to conquer the Europe by opening portals and letting out the spirits of the past into the streets of various megalopolises. They all were united by their venturous spirit and being able to speak in stone language. Thus the quest began, and Edward von Longus started materializing all around Europe, bringing Estonians and speaking stones with him all the way.

Unsurprisingly enough, it didn't took long until such crusade was noticed by media. Here is a list of some publications which try to cover parts of this bold adventure: